Course Creation

for heart-centered female entrepreneurs who want to provide a dynamic learning experience for all types of learners.

Ready to promote your course to a larger audience so that your course fills up?

“All genuine learning is active, not passive. It involves the use of the mind, not just the memory. It is a process of discovery, in which the student is the main agent, not the teacher.”

Mortimer Adler

Hi there, I'm Heather

I’m on a mission to raise the bar for online courses.

It’s time to elevate courses from being a passive experience to an active one.

There is a major gap in the online space between online course instruction and the needs of learners.

With your expertise in your niche, and my expertise in education, we can create an engaging learning experience for your clients.

Together, we can create a course that meets the needs of different learning styles.

Client Love

"Heather I was so happy with the work you did and loved to be able to follow up with a call. It helped me hit the ground running with Kajabi. I’m so glad that I hired you to just make that process so much smoother so thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m very grateful. I’m so glad that I hired you!"
Success Coach
"Working with Heather was a great experience! She knew all the right questions to ask, and provided me with the insight to making my course more accessible for different learning styles, while also giving me an invaluable framework to create a program that is interactive, so that members actually finish the content. I highly recommend working with Heather. Her experience makes her an invaluable asset to creating a course that provides the results you want your clients to achieve!!"
Systems Specialist
“Heather notices things I could use help with before I do. She exceeds my expectations and often returns with helpful solutions I didn't even know existed. Her work ethic, stellar communication, and willingness to keep improving her own skills are so valuable to my one-woman business. I highly recommend her.”
Life Coach


Course Planning Session

A 90-minute exclusive experience delving into your ideas to help you create a plan to ensure that your course is so engaging that you have higher completion rates.


Create Your Course

Bring your course outline and we’ll go from there! You and I will take your ideas and create a phenomenal course using educational best practices and psychology.

Course Set Up

You record your videos and then hand everything over to me! I’ve got you…from the big stuff like uploading content, setting up a sales page, and materials, down to all the nitty-gritty details!