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The Course Creation Process

Creating a course can be an overwhelming project to take on alone. That’s where I come in! We can pair your expertise in your niche and my expertise with education. It’s so important to work through the process, one stage at a time, and build it with integrity. 


Transfer all of those wonderful ideas from your head to paper and make a plan for how your course will flow.

Create lessons with engaging instructional methods that will create an interactive learning experience for different types of learners.

Develop video lessons, along with multiple ways to access your content and create materials for feedback on your course.

Time to get things ready to roll! Upload materials to your chosen platform, set up automations, and link your funnel.


Course Planning Session

A 90-minute call in which we will create a framework for your course that provides an engaging experience with a focus on meeting the needs of different types of learners. You will walk away with a plan for the flow of your course, a recording of our call, 2 weeks of email support (or a 30 minute follow up call) and my checklist of 8 Essential Components for an Online Course.



We meet weekly to create engaging lessons and activities that will provide an enriching learning experience for all.

Starting at $3,500


Course Set-up

You get time with your clients & to promote your course while I get it ready for take-off behind the scenes! 


Starting at $2,000

Do you have a project that requires a custom quote? Please book a consultation call and we can talk one-to-one.